Having A Magical Epiphany

Having A Magical Epiphany
Becoming A Magical Person: The Gut Feeling Of A Magical Epiphany

magical epiphany
magical epiphany

By Bart Sharp author of “Magic Speaks”

In the life of being a magical person there are sometimes moments that the individual comes to a magical epiphany of a great idea or breakthrough. They may be investigating a problem or looking for a creative solution so they have been studying different information and ideas about this area. They are in the process of gathering information and they are waiting for the right time to act. It is partially an intellectual journey yet they are paying attention to what is occurring inside of them while they study.

They feel the truth inside of them while they rationally absorb ideas and concepts. It is almost as if they are climbing a mountain where they are looking for the peak breakthrough or seeing what is the best solution for a problem they are solving.

There will come a time in this investigation that they will see a concept, product or tidbit of information that opens the breakthrough. Something inside of them comes alive and they know in this internal expansion they have found the truth that they are looking for. It is an magical epiphany and they do not need any more information to back up what they have experienced they know they have found the truth for them.

They had a gut feeling or intuitive confirmation to confirm their clarity that they have found what they looking for. The gut feeling is all they need and it is really what they are looking for and they no longer needed confirm from anyone else or anything. All that is important is the next step which is taking the magical epiphany into action. Their gut feeling confirms that they have found the peak, the highest truth to them for this segment of their life.

Some of the greatest inventions have had this type of process where the gut feeling confirms what the inventor has been studying and applying a certain intensity so that they can have a breakthrough. It is why people such as Albert Einstein are considered to be a magical person because they went beyond what everybody else was thinking and brought back the next application.

We can all have a gut feeling or magical epiphany of various levels of our life. To be a magical person is living a life of inquiry, we are curious about something and we apply our enthusiasm to discover answers to solve our life’s riddles. The magical person creates from this gut feeling, they continue to practice and gather information to when they find the day or moment when the breakthrough happens, then the gut feeling emerges that they have found a great truth for them.

In these moments there is a great expansion in the magical person. Often the great discovery for the magical person is not only the invention or breakthrough but also the feeling or recognition that their consciousness has expanded through their new awareness. They have raised their vibration through this diligent journey of discovery. For a magical person the process to getting to this place is the reward as much as creating something such as a new invention or concept. It is all in the same package for modern-day magicians because the level of awareness they achieved means the doorway has been opened for other opportunities. As our awareness grows new aspects will appear in our life.

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