Getting To The Core Of Limitations


Bart’s Journal
At Pic De Bugarach, Southern France

It is been an amazing 3 weeks in southern France. I believe it would be astonishing anywhere there is a huge vortex consciousness in your presence. When being close to the Pic De Bugarach, France all possibilities of thoughts, intuitions, following the energy and creativity are magnified. In addition, things such as dense negative thoughts and judgments have less power. It is not that they’re gone (you can choose it) the powerful energy of this Stargate overwhelms everything that is not expansive.

This area seems to attract a variety of people who have a strong desire to change. I met a man the other day sharing a concept by Drunvelo Melchizadek. He told of an amazing concept that our first 1064 cells hold our original core limitations created at, soon after and/or before birth.

These 1064 cells are located at the center of our heart. It is where the energetic flow of our heart consciousness is at its apex or highest intensity. In these beginning cellular structures of origin we hold the 1st memories of being rejected. These memories are our 1st reactions in the creation of behavioral patterns that influence us to react in fear instead of unconditional love we knew intrinsically as an infant.

When I heard of such a bold concept my body was tingling with excitement, somewhere in my knowing an exciting new process was being birthed in my world. It was just a process of discovering the most efficient way to open our original cellular structures to their original state, a being of light and love.

One of the basic principals I use in “Body Awareness” is our body can answer any of our questions we ask of it. The better we can comprehend its answers we can understand the separation we experienced as an infant. Then we can begin doing the transformational work necessary to create a space of unconditional love within us.

To heal a separation from our light of love we need to return to light. It is a process of finding the origins of our wounds in the 1064 cells. It is my experience that each stage of separation transformed we open our hearts to a bigger space of unconditional love. A feeling of lightness, gratitude and non-judgment become a much bigger part of us.

I invite you to experience this process over the phone. I am working on Skype in the mornings to early afternoon (CST) and would be happy to facilitate your transformation in most likely a 30 to 45 minute session. I can call you on your cell or home phone to do your session. Please contact me by email and let me know of your time preferences,

Best wishes

Bart Sharp

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