Following The Energy

mt shastaFollowing The Energy
By Bart Sharp

I have just returned from an amazing vacation visiting Mt. Shasta, redwood forests of California, The Grand Canyon and Sedona. As I have shared my experiences with others the most common words that come up is “the energy there was fabulous”. Those who are energy workers have an ideal of what I mean on the topic of energy but others may find the concept foreign.

Questions arise. Does feeling the energy apply only to profound experiences?

“Feeling the energy” applies to every aspect of our life, we have an energetic experience whether we are sitting beside a magnificent redwood tree, in a traffic jam on a freeway or in a disagreement with our spouse. We have energetic sensations all of the time because our body is an energetic organism, it is having sensations occur all during the day. For most part the profound consciousness experiences occur whether we are at work typing or sitting in a vortex at Sedona, Arizona. Our body is always connected to the environment around us and is giving us information and we feel visceral sensations as a result of each experience.

While washing the dishes at home our body is picking up the vibrations within our home and giving us information. We have done these routines so many times we have tuned our awareness out of the equation so no longer feel so much of the energy.

When we begin to listen again to our common life by the internal information our body is constantly eliciting we open to a different perspective. While we are washing the dishes we may feel the reaction our body has to the warm water, at the same time the presence of our spouse watching television and the vibration of the T.V. In more depth we can feel the sensation of the large tree in our backyard. The richness of our sensations our body experiences are numerous in any given moment.

Everyone does this but few choose to tune into such a variety of energies and it is simple to develop. It all begins by asking our body questions such as, “What does the energy of the tree I am touching feel like?” “What sensations do I experience when I walk into my neighborhood grocery store?” Some sensation will appear in our body upon asking and generally it is the answer to the question as our body responds to the questions we ask.

As we begin to tune into everyday life and the energies around us we become in tune with us. We feel ourselves, in general a more pleasant experience than the thinking world most function through. When we build a vocabulary of references through our experiences with stores, nature, computers, family we see how each has a different vibration. Through practice we can tune into any person, place or thing and receive energetic information.

The biggest benefit is we begin to have a greater peace within ourselves. We are more grounded and present in the moment in our perceptions, we feel complete. Whether we are on the North Rim of The Grand Canyon or in the office we feel a greater joy of attunement with all around us. We can perceive everything around creating a greater quality of life.

Bart Sharp teaches how to tune into our body consciousness and does energetic clearings to open us to greater perceptive abilities. Enjoy his classes and private one on one sessions.

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