Five Ways To Being More Powerful

Five Ways To Being More Powerful

By Bart Sharp


Do not give your anger away unconsciously, power and anger have a direct relationship. Anger is an energy to take action, in its purest form we should use just enough to create the change needed. However, people are often triggered from past, unresolved experiences to over react or under-react. In either side they are disempowering themselves.

To true to the anger required to get the job done:
We will feel as if it is a role you are playing, because there is a level of detachment.
We are more present in the moment; we are using the right level for the situation due to our assessment.
At some level using the anger feels like a service to those involved, we use the anger to change a situation for a higher good.

Thinking from our hips, our innate power comes from our second chakra, it is the internal power of us. When we wish to be more present in our power, be more aware of the energies between our hips. All powerful people have strong second chakra energies, if you feel weak there, it should be one of the things you should consider developing.

Know your archetype and play the role it serves. What are you? The hero, magician, emperor, trickster, white knight, lost child, artist etc… Knowing the role you play gives you perspective of how you create your believe-ability to others and magnify your power. You can have many archetypes, the more the better. Or be very powerful in one area. If you do not like your archetype, examine what are your weak points that created the archetype, we can always evolve to something we are better suited for.

Power is invitation; invitation is directing the energy of life to flow to you. The more you accuse, judge, resent, fear others you are not inviting but pushing others away and your own power out of your reality. It is easier to create life with others being with you instead of you separating yourself from them. Include everyone in your world in some way; receive their power as a part of your power.

Is your energy going to your creations or elsewhere? The more we can be excited about our life, enjoying or presence in the moment our power stays in present tense. The more we are living in the pretense of emotions, which are created from our reactions of unresolved issues of the past we are more diffused. Direct yourself to the now as your discipline and centralize your power.

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