Finding The Sweetness Of Life

Finding The Sweetness Of Life

By Bart Sharp

The sweetness of life is what we all seek. At one level it is what gives us pleasure. On a deeper level it is what accomplishments we make that fulfills us. The real sweetness of life begins in wholeness, a feeling of completion in ourselves. If we create things in our lives without wholeness as a reference point those achievements will not make us feel complete. It is the same as eating desserts to find enjoyment but we are never satisfied so eating never fulfills us because food never fulfills our soul.

Just as we seek God to fill us, if we are not first happy in her own heart we will struggle in our relationship with God because God cannot fill something that is our own personal journey is to complete. God reflects our acts as a mirror to affirm our own inner joy. The sweetness of life is developed by our own relationship with our mother and father and how we are loved by them. This is our basis of our beginning in knowing the sweetness of life.

Finding the ways we are feeling complete in childhood and for our adult selves will create something that does not seek food, sweets or accomplishments to fulfill our sweetness of life. But when we find our enthusiasm as a whole person the sweetness of life is enhanced, we come from a perspective of a greater gusto rather than unconsciously fulfilling a need. Finalizing an achievement does not have a sneaky feeling of emptiness about it but is like a larger celebration of what your life actually is. It is a personal celebration of you enjoying the sweetness of life. God’s experience is more internally felt because life is filled from within instead of by our intellect or dogma. Intellectual achievements feel the sweetness of life when the internal development is there as well. The sweetness of life includes all parts of us, the intellect, the heart, the soul, our relationship with God and our achievements. We are required to dig deep to become a whole self and then whatever we do will be an expression of our own sweetness of life.

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