Finding The Magic Of Our Work

Finding The Magic Of Our Work

By Bart Sharp

Finding the magic in our lives often comes through the work we do. Below is how a massage therapist has transform her own consciousness through the service she does for her clients.

I am a massage therapist and a healer and I love what I do because I get to open an awareness inside of me that is communion with my client.

In this communion I feel the energy of their body as I massage it. Sometimes I just give them a massage as I feel into this space that is their body and the space within me that is communing with their reality. Sometimes I feel something that needs healing beyond massage and I pay attention to this area of the body or psyche. I can ask archangels to help in addressing the issue or sometimes it is in the innate intelligence inside of me that is the catalyst for the change. I simply massage while I pay attention to this reality and generally something heals within the person.

I do this type of work for sometimes eight hours a day during a normal workweek. I love it because I have the opportunity to commune with another see a spatial expansion within myself. I am learning how to be aware of a space within myself and another at the same time. As I develop this consciousness it becomes a part of me and is applied to a variety of aspects of my life. Living in the awareness of the space means I am living in a more expanded consciousness and I can apply this higher vibrational clarity to other aspects beyond my massage business. I may be doing art, making a speech, playing tennis or being with my lover but these principles of spatial awareness can apply to all of those situations because I am simply choosing to perceive something deeper, something that is a body consciousness instead of a mental perspective. Magic flows in such a special awareness of body consciousness.
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