Fears In 2017 And Body Consciousness

Fears In 2017 And Body Consciousness
body consciousness
By Bart Sharp

In the path of emotional transformation and body consciousness all aspects of our life can challenge us and give us opportunities for the greatest lessons. How can I love this society and country where the people who frighten me, are different from and oppose my values?

First I know there is a component in me that is a part of them. I have to see what part of me is triggered by the fear within they have stimulated. Explore this internal process in me while I look at the wounded part of them, the denser reality and pain they carry. I love them from this place.
A perspective to open me in compassion is to remember the people I oppose is someway my brother and I send love in some way to them. Love opens us to non-resistance even if we do not agree with them; an important distinction. If we all evolve we are creating a long term transformation in detachment from the fear and gain more stability in our own self-love.
I can still disagree with them, know where they might even hurt me. However, I do need not be distorted in my perceptions by what the fear and anger might lead me to.
Everyplace within me that is in non-resistance my internal power flourishes in an unity as a result.

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