Fear, Love And Magical Possibilities

Fear, Love And Magical Possibilities
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By Bart Sharp

The more fear we practice that is an unconscious expression of our repressed fears we diminished our magical possibilities. The more we heal to create more love within our fears will be smaller leaving a greater potential for magical possibilities.

I am real, my fear is real. However, in this situation, there is nothing here I need to escape from.

Like most fears, they no longer are an impetus for me to move from danger, they are a reference from my past.
I often forget that I have a choice in how to react to them.
I can remain in the fears of the past, living them as if they are still real.
I can give a lot of my life energy to a defensive position in reaction to the past fear.
I can make the defensive positions so real that I fear something that really does not exist and my energy goes out to something unnecessary.
I deflate my power as a result, magical possibilities diminish.

We can live with fear in a positive way as fear will likely have a place in our life for years to come. Proactively living with fear is a process of being connected to self-love or a power of a higher power and allowing it to become a pillar of strength while the context of the fear is active. I can allow the passion of God’s love to arise when I feel the fear to take action.

I might say a prayer while in the fear as a reminder I am not alone with my fear. It results in a balance. I have the fear moving me and the confidence of something greater supporting me. I might be driven to be wary of something, yet I feel safe because love is a natural anchor.

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