Fantasies Empowered, Part Two

Fantasies Empowered
Part Two

body consciousness
By Bart Sharp

The basic premise of the meditation is to transfer energy from fantasies to your present tense body. By making the intention: through meditation or activation,
perceiving the energy of it, letting it grow within and asking this consciousness to be a part of our life we set the wheels in motion for it to integrate into our lives. The more we feel the reality and claim we can be the heartfelt, sexual person we begin integrating it into our regular awareness.

To expand the benefits of process she can ask her body, “Body can you attract men who are similar to this vibration were willing to have heartfelt love with me?”

She can live with this energy everywhere she goes and it will be part of her attraction power. The more she learns to be the energy and consciousness the more it resonates deeply within her.

Someone told me that his main fantasy was being The President of The United States. It might be good for this person to explore the powers they believe the president is in their life. It might be that their heart and soul desires to be of the highest consciousness, something god-like. Some of the questions that may stimulate the consciousness of such a powerful position embodied in a regular person would be:
“What would be the heartfelt energy of the president?”
“What would be the power of me as president and where would it be in my body?”
“What mental clarity and intelligence would be required of me as president? What would be the energy and consciousness I have in me to fulfill that role?”

Were basically asking our body to step up to the consciousness of what we see a president as.

Another aspect to expand ourselves would be to ask what judgments we have of ourselves that has stopped us from being on the path to becoming president?
We may get such thoughts as, “I am not smart enough? I am not worthy enough? Etc.”

When we look at the judgments and begin to allow ourselves to be clear of them we began to have a new power. When we get clear about how we do not believe in ourselves therefore we create a fantasy as being the president then we can clear the energetic limitations away. We opened the door for the next step of our power to arise. We may not be on the path to being a president’s we can step up to the next level of our life using the power of fantasies to help empower it.

The more create realities to avoid this one through fantasies, having no real purpose but to make us feel better we dis-empower our selves.

There is a strength to day dreaming in our mind, it relaxes us for our greater consciousness to subtly arise and give us ideals to spark greater creations in the here and now. It is something natural to go beyond the thinking mind. When we become highly evolved in knowing our body consciousness we access this reserve of ideals more readily, creativity is not so locked down by the form and structure of the mind.

However, living in fantasies is a different reality. This is the world of people creating scenarios such as: “When I win the lottery I will do…” “If I was a sports star life would be like…” “If I had this particular love relationship life would be…” The list goes on in a “Walter Mitty” way. Fantasy’s purpose is not to stimulate creative ideals but escape from feeling this world or avoidance. It can have addicting qualities to it as it serves as a type of anesthetization so we avoid ourselves and possibly unpleasant feelings of living daily life. It can have an addictive quality because we use it to avoid something unpleasant on an ongoing, habitual basis.

In the body consciousness perspective we are giving an important part of our power away to another reality we are creating through fantasies. An important part of us is living in another world instead of here where we are creating our life. So fantasies take a part of us away. We are training the intensity of us not to be here creating our dreams and desires but to a place not serving us.

Generally speaking, the more of us that is existing here in the present moment we are empowered by it. If our mind is silent and we present inside us our body is empowered by presence. If all of our attention is on a project we are making, it has more potential of being actualized.

If we have trained our consciousness to be somewhere else we find it harder to apply our total self to something we wish to achieve. If we live outside of our body through fantasies or traumas (traumatic memories so strong a part of has left our body) we cannot fully pull from those powers until we learn to reintegrate them back within us. Those with a high incidence of traumatic experiences are more likely to use fantasies as a way to make themselves feel better.

If we live in a high degree of fantasies they were most likely created as a protective device because it was too uncomfortable to feel who we are. Getting to the source of the negative emotional patterns will help us have less impulse or desire to live in fantasies. Somewhere in our greater unconsciousness we most likely created fantasies because it was too much to process the pain of being us as children. Now we are adults they are old patterns able to be changed because we as adults do have the tools to advocate and change our lives. Fantasies can evolve to peace within and a creative power to make a great life. Each part we unravel we reintegrate the power back into us.

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