Fantasies Empowered, Part One

Fantasies Empowered
Part One

body consciousness

body consciousness

By Bart Sharp

In general, fantasies are used as a tool to escape or make ourselves feel better instead of living in the reality we are now. It is a tool of avoidance as each time we create a fantasy we are placing our energy and consciousness in a place that is not in the here and now. Living in realities of daydreams, fantasies whether they be positive or negative ones take a part of our power to create in the present and place it someplace else. Even negative thoughts circulating in our mind are a form of fantasies. They are not as fun as the positive fantasies.

To clarify, there is a difference between creative thinking where we’re making plans in the future to come into actual creation to fantasies. The difference is how they serve us. Fantasies are used to make us feel better, they can be used as a way to relieve an uncomfortable reality or situation we are in. We most likely all do fantasies at some level however if they become a regular strategy as a way to avoid an unpleasant environment they become an addiction. It almost becomes automatic that we fantasize therefore we are constantly placing our power outside of ourselves through the daydreams we are creating out of the present tense of our lives.

We can begin to shift the energy fantasies into something empowering. A power within us is simply being misplaced through a fantasy. If we can find what qualities we are living from in a fantasy we can begin integrating those energies into our present day life.

A woman who told me she had fantasies of making love to Brad Pitt regularly. The question to ask, “What is sexual intensity of this woman that could match up with the charisma and power of Brad Pitt?” Somewhere in her universe, she could step off into the sexual power to someone highly magnetic expressed through the sexual act. It was in her desire to be so, yet she had to fulfill it through a fantasy instead of reality.

Asking her the question, “What is the energy and consciousness and acted through the fantasy with Brad Pitt? Where is it located in your body? Could you have that consciousness show up right now?”

The woman stopped and tuned into her body, “Of course, I feel it in my sexual organs however I feel it in my heart as I love him with such intensity something opens inside of me.”

I asked, “What is it you express with Brad you have not been able to express with a physical man?”

She thought about it for a moment and responded, “Brad represents someone I’m obviously attracted to, however it is a kindness from his heart that opens in my body through the fantasy. I wish to have such an attraction and wholeness in my heart with a man with the level of intensity someone like the energy of a Brad Pitt could open inside of me.”

The wholeness stems from a desire to have it within yourself and with someone else. The fact that the fantasy exists in such a strong way, means a part of you has a strong passion you have dynamic heartfelt, sexual relationships.

If the woman wanted a stronger relationship with the energetic consciousness of passionate heartfelt lovemaking she could be integrating it with a meditation.
Sit in the quiet place and invite the energy and consciousness of the fantasy to appear. Begin by asking a question to your body, “Body, where is the consciousness of my fantasy Brad Pitt located in my body? Can this energetic consciousness activate to their fullest intensities inside me?

Then feel the energies open inside of you, you’re actually meditating on the fantasy without replaying the fantasy. Create a vision the qualities of these energies represent to you in your actual life?

As you meditate on these energies as your body to begin taking all the energy you used us these fantasies and apply it to your life now. If it is a heartfelt passion from love, could it be applied to read in a relationship or you have it now with a man?
Or. A more compassionate heart centered awareness with everyone you meet?
Or. More compassionate heart centered awareness with yourself?

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