Energetic Anatomy of Anti-consciousness

Energetic Anatomy of Anti-consciousness

By Bart Sharp

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2987739376_e1e6808706 Somewhere there is a misidentified belief for most a material possession/gain/money will fulfill it.

So people go about attempting to fulfill a void of repressed fears through materialistic gains and physical pleasures. There is nothing wrong with money or pleasure when we seek it for something as light as fun or a way to live a satisfying life. When it is done to avoid or meet our own fears and shortcomings, it is a different energy altogether. Time is running us is a core fear, one whose source is deep within each person. It appears in our life in different ways unique for everyone. It can manifest as something as a powerful weight working against us or be a minor nuisance.

We all have this fear but the question is: How do we try to approach and interact with it?

The matrix of a need to conquer it, desperation to fulfill it at any cost creates a disconnection to what could actually do to help resolve this intrinsic fear. What can make a person feel whole instead of reactive to their fear is connection to the earth, to be grounded feeling a settle power in between the space of their hips. In this space they learn to be aware of what serenity feels like, a visceral sensation to teach the mind not to attend to fears.

Some people are grounded, strong in the power of their second chakra but still live in the fear. They allow fear to drive them, a powerful unconscious motivator. While others who may have fear are not so much driven by it because they are connected to the earth in a spiritual sense. It could be a worship of Gaia, Mother Mary, Buddhistic types of practices or others. They receive a calmness through the connection to a earth source, our mother.

The fear that is driven by material gain has a greater basis in intellectual definition of what is acquisition, personal gain. It will never be satisfied or satiated. Therefore the person will move on to the next accomplishment.

A connection to a greater source, Mother Earth gives us a basis to a deeper serenity and our greatest fears seem to disappear when we live in this space. Our Body Consciousness feels complete when we practice and emotional transformation happens in greater ways.

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