Emotions Felt Deeper: Body Consciousness

Emotions Felt From A Deeper Place: Body Consciousness
Body Consciousness
Bart Sharp

In the world of Body Consciousness; going out of the old paradigms of emotions is never judging them as good or bad, they are only showing up to move us so something more profound can grow inside. Shame, sadness and fear have a purpose within personal growth, they have an ingredient for us. We can find out by asking, “What do I need to learn from this emotion?” Or “What does this emotion have to teach me?”

Answers will come in unexpected ways, we need to pay attention to how our body or Body Consciousness will reveal to us.

Part of learning how the body relates and holds onto emotions is learning what they feel they. We can say we are in fear, have fearful thoughts and do things in relation to the fear; a deeper resolution to this fear or any emotion is learning what it feels like inside of us.

In general each core emotion has similar qualities of where they guide us. We will most likely always have emotions or the energy of them within us. It is a matter of what we do with them as it affects the entire neurology, thus all of our body, all dictated by a simple a choice. How we react to and/or acknowledge the emotion.

Hopefully, we will eventually not react to a sensation but learn to interact with detachment and non-judgment when emotions arise. Each emotion has qualities of sensations, for so many they unconsciously create their life stories in reaction to repressed emotions. When we explore them in a Body Consciousness perspective we begin to see them as they are, as a visceral memory.

Two people with two different core emotions who experience the same event will likely have different reactions from the experience as they see it from the perspective of their core emotion. However, there are similar characteristics to each emotion, most all of us have in common. Emotions have a consistent sensation, anger feels one way while sadness has a different impression altogether.

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