Do The Right Thing For God

Do The Right Thing For God
By Bart Sharp

God appears in mysterious ways but the path may not be doing the right thing for God but knowing how God is alive inside of us.

So many believe in the idea of, “if I do the right thing, good things will come to me.” In the reality of magically generating your dreams it is not such a cause-and-effect system. Doing good things aligns our consciousness with the flow of life and we attract more easily. We become a magnifier of things we wish to create from how we feel about ourselves. This is an internal belief that has many layers of consciousness or unconsciousness to it that may work for us or against us depending on what is repressed inside us.

We can have day-to-day experiences where we do good things and it feels good and we can have deeply repressed issues that may not create the same flow as our intentions desire and thus be an unconscious blockage inside of us.

It is good to interact with both perspectives of present tense awareness and our repressed issues learning more of how we feel about ourselves in a deeper way.

In the present tense it is good to do nice things because it feels good in our own hearts, and then magnifies from there. Doing good things out of expectations usually does not have the same results because we generally have some sort of issues wanting results. This usually has some sort of basis of guilt, shame or fear that we did something wrong and we are trying to make amends through good behaviors.

It can also be that our parents and their forefathers before them lived by the same code, “If we do the right thing God and good fortune will smile upon us.” This supports a point of view that a energy beyond us is something that we serve. It is true that we attract things from outside of us but the source that is doing the attracting is not a conscious being rewarding us. Some my believe that God deals out good fortune. Therefore if bad things happen to these people and they feel they live a good life they may feel betrayed by god to lose their faith.

God may not be the great provider of our fortunes but actually lives within us, the process is learning ourselves within and a higher conscious becomes a part of our lives. In other words when we are clear and right within ourselves life happens in a higher vibration and thus we attract in a higher way and more effective way. It is not so much cause-and-effect but be the energy of your dreams and your dreams will come in some way. In a sense there is a closeness with God as well as a deeper knowing of self. Doing the right thing is a quest that is personal, we do things for others because it enlivens us and we enjoy a higher feeling, God feels alive inside of us. The reward is totally internal.

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