Dissolving The Fear Factor

Dissolving The Fear Factor
By Bart Sharp

The fear factor can be quite overwhelming and can affect us in ways with us not really knowing what the source of the fear is really about.

It seems like there is a certain tension in the air these days, likely due to the upcoming election. I know it is easy to get caught up in this vibe of fear but it does not serve the situation or ourselves.

In fact the reaction of fear will likely work against us and contribution to others reacting fearfully.

We magnify and influence others thoughts just as they influence us. What to do? Remember, just because you think something does not mean you have to react to it, we can simply think of it as a thought we picked up. Observe the fear and let it pass by and then keep your focus on something proactive, creative and/or grounding. If we react to the fears our thoughts may take us down rabbit holes that do not serve us. If I feel a fearful thought it and needs to be addressed, I do so as directly as I can and then I move on to my creative and productive life. I also do things for the greater good that promote candidates I support, I do my part, then I move onto to being a uplifting person, not a fearful person.

Lastly, I ask myself almost daily, “How am I contributing to make a difference for growth and change in the world?” Everyday I contribute.

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