Disconnecting Negativity, Body Consciousness

Disconnecting Negativity, Body Consciousness


Bart Sharp

Traveling and living in France and other parts of Europe I have noticed how people are more relaxed over there. There seems to be a general feeling things will work out. There is a hopeful trust in each other. In the United States and my hometown in Austin, Texas it does not feel so optimistic. There is more of a fear of we are running out of time and disaster is close at hand.

One could say this is only for those who are not on the same side as the government in power but it is the same kind of vibration of those who like the current leadership in government. It is a collective consciousness that is guided by fear we are running out of time and are lacking something. It is a vibration created from many things that influence people to think a certain way and has many factors influencing the fear to be this way from over indulgence of television and the negativity it spreads, the high stress of living in crowded cities, an over abundance of electrical devices, EMFs and more.

In the United States we are affected and it stimulates our own personal limitations. If we have had a childhood that was traumatized these negative vibrations, it will stimulate us to think more in this frequency. Whatever limitations we have repressed will arise in someway or some random time to influence us to react in this pattern because the stress of living in the frequency of the U.S.A. culture brings it out.

People feel the pain of it and can react in different ways. In one way is to be unaware it is occurring and respond in an unconscious way, it may stimulate a discomfort but is not associated with our own life or we look at with it in some form of accountability. Instead a person will react or respond in a repressive way.

In reaction a person may blame others, become aggressive in some form. They create a conflict to project the stress and pain within themselves out to another. People do this is so many ways. For example, get in arguments on Facebook over the issues of the day. They become charged by the issue and in this time their own personal issues are stimulated and they are temporarily released through the expression, yet the issues will remain and the person will repeat the same pattern often in the future. We live in a world with millions of angry people who are mad because they are reacting to the world and not seeking the reason how they originally created the anger.

On the other side another part of the population avoids feeling the stress and pain through numbing themselves through substances, activities to distract themselves to the point addictions are created. This group runs their lives in simple behavioral patterns in their minds. It distracts us from seeing the world.

Another strategy to the stress happening is to see it as an opportunity. The reason for pain is to move us, not to be reacted to or repressed. It is there to get our attention. When we feel the stress of our life and our own personal issues arise, it is time to look at them. The stimulus of any stress whether it be stressful traffic, the negative barrage of multi-media can be our challenge to go beyond us or a constant weight.

Our first response it to ask how it is affecting us, to acknowledge its presence in curiosity and ask what it feels like inside of us and reflect how it is affecting us. We can identify how we are triggered.

The more we learn to be at peace with our personal issues we begin to detach from the matrix of everyone else’s fears. The raising of our own vibration by resolving our issues actually helps the possibility of others evolving. It is a complicated process where personal change is a key. As we become more aware of our own fears and we learn how other people’s negative emotions influence us and then we take our growth to a whole new level, to be aware of emotional energies around us. These are some of the basic issues in detaching from our negative emotions.

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