Curiosity Or Anxiety, What Body Consciousness Do we Choose

Curiosity Or Anxiety, What Body Consciousness Do we Choose
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By Bart Sharp

A good “gut check”, Body Consciousness question to ask yourself when confronted by some of life’s challenges is, “Should I respond out of curiosity or anxiety?” It’s a little bit of a trick question because it would be clear to think the more evolved and a non-judging person of who would respond in curiosity.

If we were at the higher level of consciousness of someone like The Dalai Lama there may not be the repressed, implanted memories of fear, shame, sadness, anger anymore limiting emotions reacting in our body when stressful situations appear in our lives. Curiosity would be an automatic response.

Yes, if we had everything resolved nothing would create a reaction inside of us. It is said a highly evolved person’s aura does not change when they become angry. In other words when other people become angry their aura might turn red as they are reacting out of control with their emotions and their body is reacting beyond the actual experience they are in that particular moment. An additional charge of emotions memories of the past is activated and adds into the present tense crises making it feel bigger than it actually is. It is almost automatic for the person with many repressed emotions to react in anxiety or some other limiting emotion/s. In addition, most do not know their past is influencing them; as the belief is, the present moment is creating all of the charge.

An evolved person might be angry, however they would use the emotion strictly as a tool for as much as the situation required. Then, we move on to what was next and not remain in the affect of the emotion.

It would be great to be in the higher state of awareness, of Body Consciousness, but the fact is few people are. According to “Power Vs Force author, David Hawkins, less than 4% of the population live in a higher state of unconditional love and joy. The tool for becoming detached from this world, so we stay in the question of curiosity is to resolve our limiting emotions and behavioral patterns is to come to resolution with resentments, negative memories, things we feel guilty about and resolving negative emotions. Truly knowing ourselves to the degree our limitations are no longer a mystery but a well-known shadow based friend. Then life becomes more curious than reactive.

So how is this a trick question as I mentioned at the beginning of the story, “Do you react in curiosity or anxiety?” Sometimes we can become so detached, where we have less driving force that pushes us to be better. Instead of using more of a force, these work in a place of ease, more fun and life comes to them. There inner love and joy of self simply attracts. It will feel like they have the wind in their sails moving them along because they are no longer working against themselves with unconscious negative emotions.

All too often people do these great endeavors as a driven, anxiety based motivation in order to conquer their limitations. From this perspective they use emotions and anxieties as the driving force of our power. It may not be so fun, but a struggle, as if they are climbing a mountain.

On the other hand, those who are completely detached from their emotions may lack the motivation to achieve greatness. It is simply too much fun to meditate, enjoy the moment and be present within themselves. It is a great place to be however if this person really wants to create something in their life they may need to find a new driving force. The “driving” words come up are hope and desire. These two words are emotionally based; we use desire and hope to gain pleasure in order to overcome something of a defect within ourselves.

Yes there are a few cases of people that are so evolved that they can create without desire and hope. These people can give up some of the normal desires such as, more money, relationship, sex, travel and other things because they have learned to be complete within themselves. There’s nothing to prove (or achieve) within them selves. So what is the point for these people to create anything?

What do we create for? Service. To work for a higher cause, we pay it forward. To live on this planet is a responsibility. As our needs are met and we feel the self-love of complete fulfillment and next step is to share it in some way. It can be in community service, or loving someone in a relationship, doing your best in the job, being kind to others and so many more. Think of the fulfillment you have when you have accomplished some heart-centered endeavor, how whole do you feel? Whatever the intensity of it is, can you pay it forward through an action? Some of our biggest lessons are learned through taking our desires to be more to the streets.

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