Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution


By Bart Sharp

When we have a conflict with someone it is easy to jump into the judgment about what they did wrong. Whereas in the other persons point of view they likely had a lot of reasons why they did what they did. Whether their reasons be out of goodness or from a self-centered point of view we will always have more freedom of clarity when we try to understand them from their point of view instead of a judgment. If would quickly label them as a self-centered, an ass, we have had a conflict and we shut down ever seeing beyond it.

If the person was rude to us it might be because of our mannerisms, of the way we spoke to them was offensive in their mind. There are so many reasons why people react in a separating ways. The reality of our family and culture may be different from theirs and unacceptable, simple mistakes can happen. In those moments we have a choice whether we become defensive and judging or step back and be curious, to look for information at the bigger picture.

Relationships are always our teacher, therefore being opened to all situations will move us further along in our learning. As soon as we judge a situation we close down our perspective and likely conflicts will come. The more we open our heart and see somebody beyond her own experience that look to see their point of view, we will create a greater possibility of conflict resolution.

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