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The Body Consciousness of Heart Power

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The Body Consciousness of Heart Power

By Bart Sharp

Several years ago I worked as a teacher and had an assistant. My assistant was quite good and I really liked her as a worker. However, by 9:30 or 10:00 AM I could feel myself becoming tired and did not understand why I had such a drop in energy. Continue reading The Body Consciousness of Heart Power

Listening From A Place of Power

to the lightListening From A Place of Power

By Bart Sharp

One of the biggest problems in relationships is people want the other person to be something they are not. In order to shape the other person they use some form of control in an attempt to create change.

The response to control change be anything from resistance, defiance to the recipient contracting inside. It misses the point of what relating to another person is about Continue reading Listening From A Place of Power

The Choice To Consciousness

to the lightThe Choice To Consciousness

By Bart Sharp

We have all had experiences were we feel expanded, slightly bigger than life. It maybe we saw an inspirational movie and our like most everyone in the audience our heart’s felt bigger than when we entered. It is a temporary euphoria to show us an awareness we are ready to possess when we evolve to our next level. Continue reading The Choice To Consciousness

Getting To The Core Of Limitations


Bart’s Journal
At Pic De Bugarach, Southern France

It is been an amazing 3 weeks in southern France. I believe it would be astonishing anywhere there is a huge vortex consciousness in your presence. When being close to the Pic De Bugarach, France all possibilities of thoughts, intuitions, following the energy and creativity are magnified. In addition, things such as dense negative thoughts and judgments have less power. It is not that they’re gone (you can choose it) the powerful energy of this Stargate overwhelms everything that is not expansive. Continue reading Getting To The Core Of Limitations