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Becoming Infinite, Where To begin? ...

Becoming Infinite, Where To begin?   Excerpts from, “Body Consciousness”

Becoming Infinite, Where To begin? By Bart Sharp Excerpts from, “Body Consciousness” How do we facilitate the process of infinite in our life and body consciousness? It is quite a challenging concept in becoming infinite. First, there is likely no one on the planet functioning as a true infinite being. We are all limited beginning […]

“Principals Of Living A Magical...

“Principals Of Living A Magical Life” Download

Listening to the download, “Principles of Living A Magical Life”, from the Modern Magic series changes your life in a variety of ways. First, we can comprehend the principles and concepts to learn how to create our life in a more magical way. Second, the Access Consciousness, energetic clearings, changes our internal workings, changing our […]

Principals Of Body Consciousness, The...

Principals Of Body Consciousness, The Density Of Judgments

Excerpt from the upcoming book, “Body Consciousness” By Bart Sharp Principal of Body Consciousness The more we judge others, our body and situations in life we create limitations to block our path in being in communion with our infinite self. Making a judgment is the most direct way to create us as limited. When we […]

Body Consciousness And The Right Weig...

Body Consciousness And The Right Weight For You

Body Consciousness And The Right Weight For You: Part One By Bart Sharp I recently went to a scale for the 1st time in over a year with the curiosity, “How much do I weigh?” I found myself at 150 pounds. As I reflect upon the weight I come to the realization, I have stayed […]

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