Body Consciousness, Your Choice To Grow

Body Consciousness, Your Choice To Grow

In my experience of working with hundreds of people doing energetic clearings with the tools of Body Consciousness, as well as having profound experiences, I have seen an opportunity for great change. I use the word opportunity because when we experience a lifting of the limitation through an energetic releasing it opens the space to change. Sometimes it is misidentified as, “The problems of my life has been solved.”

The energetic clearing is one step in the process, the profound experience that the person still has more work to do. The session is about perceiving the limitation, changing the energy influencing the body to react in a limiting behavior, and creating a more open awareness of how the dynamics of a person’s life was created. The person receiving the clearing, has the next step in receiving transformation. They have to begin detaching from the old behaviors and practicing new ones.

All too often people immediately go back to their set behavioral patterns in the state of unconscious thinking. For example, the session may have been working on repressed anger. After the session is completed. the person is on the phone complaining to a friend about their boss. When this occurs, they are reaffirming to the anger once cleared to be re-stimulated, the body begins to re-create the old energetic patterns again. A clearing only changes the vibrations, frequencies and energies to influence cellular structures to operate in a new way. However the cellular structures are habituated through the many years of uses of a behavior pattern, such as anger, so when a person begins to complain about their boss, they can easily fall back into the old pattern. Little progress is made as a result.

If the person completes the session with the attitude, “Wow, I feel the changes already! I wonder how this would change my life?” It is planting the seeds in the body to generate change. Instead of becoming stressed out about angry stories of the past, it might be a good idea to do something kind to the self such as walking in nature. If the negative thoughts of anger appear within, the person can simply say, “Is this something I have already worked on? If so I give myself permission not to address it. Goodbye anger. Or. Is there something else I need to address?” This type of openness facilitates the body to not buy into the anger and for a different solution to arise instead of old patterns dominating us.

Our mind is one of our worst enemies if we believe in the negative repetitive patterns are significant. Instead they are either an old recording needing to run out of energy or a message that it is something else to address. Either way it is good news and we are honoring the energy work we had done on ourselves. We are telling the body, “We are honoring this change.” Our body will follow the dialogues our active mind is creating, it is a good idea to create a positive message, in order to begin a new program in our life.

When we do clearings and acknowledge the progress we open the door to bigger change. We will perceive the transformations more. Then we go out onto the world and do something different. Enjoy the blessed changes life can give us.

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