Body Consciousness, Transforming To The Power Of Attraction

Body Consciousness, Transforming To The Power Of Attraction
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By Bart Sharp

Once we have done intense work in self-growth to step up into a new level of body consciousness and transformation.
What does it feel like to crossover to the other side of consciousness and find out what it feels to be in a higher state of love and joy?

How does it affect your personality?
Do quiet reserved people become boisterous and loud?
Do action oriented people change to live a sedate, quiet life?

Most likely the answer is no. We created those personality patterns as part of a strategy to function with our emotions. Our personality does not change as rapidly as emotional growth.

What is the gift we receive more than a personality change? We receive something that is nurturing and fulfilling to us in our path to emotional transformation. Something that feels wonderful inside because finally we are free of the darkness of negative thoughts and behavioral patterns, an invisible force seeming to always influence us to feel less, angry fearful etc… We drop a huge weight and began to move with the new freedom, new confidence in a new consciousness perceiving life in a more profound way.

To have that kind of emotional transformation does change our ability to attract what we choose in life. Something of the more magical ability becomes stronger in us called Innate Power. Innate Power is an internal energetic consciousness within us, it works together with the physical energies we possess powering us through our day to day actions an energy helping us to attract our dreams.

Innate Power is an expression through the subtle world of our creations. It comes from a power within that this created from our core abilities of receiving and attracting. It is the nature of why some people create a product and its sales rocket upwards while another person does the same thing and sells very little.

Some people have a huge resource of attraction power, those people seem to receive easier in whatever they place their attention towards. Sometimes people attract in some areas such as relationships but not finance. It is because they most likely have unconscious limitations to receive in that area or it is not so important to them so they placed less energy there.

Innate Power flows through all of her body whether it be the beginning of our energetic body consciousness at the 1st, 2nd or 3rd chakras or neurological system, or internal organs it runs through us as an internal generative power.

Some people are born with the gift of huge Innate Power as part of their body consciousness. Maybe it is their karma or accumulation of past lives to have this. The Innate Power of the Dali Lama probably has immense powers in the area of spiritual consciousness. At the same time Donald Trump has the power to attract money as his gift.

We also modeled these innate powers from our parents. As any family units are physically, emotionally and energetic models of body consciousness we duplicate to create our abilities from the people who raised us. So not only do we take on our values from them but their energies as well. If our family knows how to manifest wealth we will have the inner power mastered more easily and likely create from those same places.

If we do not have an Innate Power in an area of our life, does not mean we are forever lacking. It is a mental, physical and energetic process to change it. We need to discover on an intellectual level what the limitations we have in such an area as receiving money. To look at the patterns our parents created with their money values. We can go into the emotions and energetic memories of those issues and begin the process of change. Plus we need to do the physical things that would attract more money such as an education that facilitates a bigger income.

Maybe the first question to ask is, “What is next for me in having the clarity to know me?” Innate power comes from an inner knowing, confidence and willingness to act on it. What is ready to come out of you and come into action?

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