Body Consciousness: The More We Raise Our Vibration, We Detach From The Influence Of Other Limiting Emotions

The More We Raise Our Vibration; We Detach From The Influence Of Other Limiting Emotions

Excerpts from Bart’s Upcoming book: Body Consciousness

body consciousness

When we release and resolve emotions we create a space of inner silence. We step into a world of; perceiving more subtle feelings, a greater ability to listen comes inside and we tune into higher frequencies. As we tune into higher frequencies we become less influenced of the lower vibrational energies of the masses. With each level we resolve of emotions we step into a greater inner silence.

Through a practice of clearing emotions, meditations and activating a new consciousness: we expand to a higher form of self-love and its higher frequency. Our self-love creates a higher base of emotional autonomy as we interact in the world. The higher vibration you become, the easier it is to detach from lower forms of fear and others matrices of that limit the states of mind.

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