Body Consciousness Showing Us The Language Of The Infinite


Body Consciousness Showing Us The Language Of The Infinite

By Bart Sharp

Excerpt From The Upcoming Book, Body Consciousness

Living in an inner awareness of what is occurring inside our body as an energetic being is the journey of knowing what it is like to be infinite. There are most likely only a handful of people on the planet who are currently functioning as infinite beings. Ammachi, the living Hindu Saint walking walking the path of infiniteness while still in a human body.

However, we can evolve at our own pace in finding our infinite consciousness/energetic being, the path is different for everyone. Even though we have a mind/ego at times feels is working against us the reality is our body, mind and soul strive for us to infinite. It will show us everyway possible of what is next in the process. We have to be receptive to the messages of our body.

Humankind has been making some of the same mistakes for as long as humans existed. It is part of the finite mindset to make these mistakes again. In fact it feels comfortable to make the same mistakes again and again. So reassuring to live in the comfortable gloves we have created as limitations. We all have our favorites.

Even with the weight and power of finite ego-based thinking created for lifetimes of repetitive mistakes. The infinite consciousness of the body is always ready to show us something different by asking the body and tuning inside as ongoing practice. The concept of infinite awareness unfolding in our life is a miracle, we can grow out of our greatest defects.

The body is a sensory organism of all of our internal body parts functioning together, but on another level it is an energetic sensory organism giving and receiving massive amounts of information to all of the people, places and things we are connect to. Since we are infinite the number of things we are connected to is too large for a common human, finite mind to wrap its concepts around. We can get in touch with all of what this is through practice and paying attention of what is occurring inside for us as a moment to moment discipline.

Instead of thinking through life direct your attention to what is occurring inside your heart or second chakra, you will always feel much better.

For some people the primary discipline maybe be to first direct their life to listening (receptiveness) instead of talking and expressing. Instead of thinking what they need to say when with others simply listen to the heart while hearing others, to gently move the mind aside by being heart centered as opposed to mind oriented. They begin to live in a Body Consciousness feeling what the expanded awareness of infinite is like.

The body is the infinite space we all have. Buddhist get in touch with this space by doing such things as deep breathing exercises. I do mantras and energetic activations to energize certain parts of my body so I can learn to feel them and train my mind to learn what infinite space in my body actually is like. The heart is often a good place to begin as it is the easiest to feel for most people, we can perceive something lighter going on in the heart space when meditating, activations or mantras. However, there are many ways to open us, what most of the strategies have in common is observing sensations, messages inside the body, separate from the mind.

Remember the first rule, “The body is infinite, the mind is finite.” So the body already knows it is infinite, we are training the mind through exercises what it feels like to be infinite. So the more we can direct our attention to what infinite consciousness is a part of our mind learns how to function in the reality as well.
“This is the whole gist of the process. A finite mind learning what infinite is.”
Our brains are the most amazing neuro-processers on the planet it is a process of us learning how to access the infinite brain within a mind that is non-actualized infinite.

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