Body Consciousness, Resolving Negative Behaviors

Resolving Negative Behaviors, Body Consciousness
body Consciousness

By Bart Sharp

In the ongoing journey of discovery our greatness in my Body Consciousness; I am confronted with bouts of regression to behaviors that I had though I resolved. It feels like phantom behaviors that re-emerge to come into my mind, inhibiting my emotional transformation. It only makes sense because some of our maladaptive, negative behaviors were used for years on end. Now in the current years that I have committed to heal I plan to heal all of this in a matter of a few years. I sometimes forget it is a process of peaks, plateaus, and dips in the road.

When I have old behaviors return without asking I go through a process. The first question is the behavior activated from something in my past that I have yet to discover in myself? Next, is there something that is coming up and the behavior is the result of it?

The other day I was constantly retreating into a fantasy of being a sports star. It is a part of my grandiose past that I used as a fantasy; to escape into so I would not feel the pain I experienced as a teenager. I have combed over these past years and felt I had discovered every part of this past. However the past negative behavior continued. I could not find any part of my past that resonated with this fantasy. So step one was not working, time for step two.

I reflected on where the energy of the fantasy originated. As I felt what parts of my body were stimulated by the fantasy; I felt the energy resonate in my solar plexus. That made lots of sense because the fantasy was about taking action and the solar plexus is about taking action in the world. I knew what to do.

I began meditating on my solar plexus; sending the energy of allowance and forgiveness to that area. Like the time when I was a teen I judged that my actions were ineffective, the fantasy was a world where I was great. These were phantom energies acting out. It was not a large past unresolved scenario that was hiding undiscovered. It was something much more subtle and smaller yet it still was making a wave in my psychic.

After meditating by focusing a unconditional loving energy into the dense places in my solar plexus it seemed to lift. I was no longer triggered to repeatedly go into fantasy.

When we are confronted with our own negative behaviors and wish to let them go it is always a good general rule to ask what is our current behavior stimulated from? It is most likely some memory of our suppressed past that is the source. Sometimes for those that have done lots of work on themselves and perceive the undesired current behavior resolved it is a smaller phantom of something that has been resolved. But wonder why it is still coming back in some form we may need a fine-tuning of our energetic centers. Nurturing the distress area or situation may be the most effective remedy in the emotional transformation to a greater body consciousness.

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