Body Consciousness: Resolving Addictions For Good!

Body Consciousness: Resolving Addictions For Good!

body Consciousness
By Bart Sharp

A common strategy to deal with any addiction whether it be with alcohol, drugs, overeating, sex etc… is to try to control our use of the behavior of the substance. For many the way to success is forcing themselves not to use the addiction. What it requires from the person is a certain level of intensity to stop the behavior. It is using a force over the addicted part of us.

Although this is the most used scheme to solve the problem it is not the most effective and does not address the addiction as a whole on a path to emotional transformation. What usually occurs for the person is somewhere down the road they return to the addiction or they transfer their addiction to another substance or behavior. They are confronting their addiction like damming up a river but eventually the water will find a way to get through to the other side.

Looking at the definition of addiction gives us a key insight in resolving it. Addiction is any substance or behavior used to avoid a less pleasant reality that we are in.

The key is to long term resolution with addiction is the journey into the reality that we were avoiding in the first place. Finding where we were in pain or suffering in our past has most likely not left us. It is there recorded within our body being the trigger to act and repeat our addictive behaviors. The deeper we explore and resolve these deep memories that hurt us we take away the impetus to react to our addictions.

Of course the world of addiction is complicated. We still need to learn better ways to live our lives and how to make healthier choices as a part of our emotional transformation. In addition, to find a spiritual strength and identity to rebirth are the joyful gifts we receive. You are discovering a new way to live. However the basis of long-term success with addiction is coming to terms with the suppressed pains the live inside of us.

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