Body Consciousness, Letting Go of Fear, How The Process Works Excerpts from, Body Consciousness

Body Consciousness, Letting Go of Fear, How The Process Works
Excerpts from, Body Consciousness

By Bart Sharp

One morning I awoke with an uncomfortable sensation inside of me as if something was wrong in my body’s consciousness. I perceived these sensations on the left side of my torso, especially on the side of my heart chakra.

I sat down and asked, “What is the core emotion this is related to, fear, shame or sadness?” This is a common protocol to ask if anything feels uncomfortable or out of sorts as there is generally an emotional base active in the body along with a memory creating it. This sensation had a quality of tension as if there was an energy to take action but not in a proactive way. The emotion of easy to identify as I asked my body to respond to the three choices the emotion of ‘fear’ resonated when I asked.

I begin to reflect of how this fear became stimulated and I remembered had been watching the news on television while at the gym and seeing newsfeeds on Facebook. Both sources had been putting out messages of presidential candidates and inflammatory quotes. Even though a part of me laughed inside at the outrageous quotes another part was reacting in a nervous way. I was scared one of them might be elected.

However, worrying about a presidential election should not be stimulating a strong reaction in me of something is wrong within me. I had mulled over these thoughts for a few days and they felt strong this was more than presidential fears. I am usually detached from politics. One of the gifts of living a life of doing energetic clearings is I awake almost every morning in a happy state of being. I knew it was the stimulator but something deeper was triggered. “What fear is deeper inside of me that was triggered by the candidate’s proclamations?”

I began my standard protocol in discovering where a limitation was first created, “What age did I create this?” I began asking, “Was it 0-2 years of age? 2-5 years? 5 -10? 10 –

I came to the age of thirteen as the year the fear originated. It may total sense to me because at thirteen I had a lot to fear in going to Junior High School where fights, confrontations and conflicts were a daily part of the school day. So many of those days ended in fear and frustration with the underlying feeling of being on the brunt end of the violence and ridicule was somehow my own fault and shortcoming.

As I thought of the candidates there is a similar feeling of helplessness, it was being paired with the same feelings experiences in Junior High School. Somehow thoughts from the present activated the old ones and a slight depression arose, It had little to do with my current life. Somewhere in my body’s greater consciousness it was bringing up an unresolved issue for me to resolve.

I then addressed the feelings of fear and the underlying energy it was my fault through energetic clearings. Within five minutes all the discomfort was gone and I felt like my normal relaxed self again. The bigger news is I released one more aspect of repressed fear in my life.

This is a classic example of how the structure of repressed emotions work, we are stimulated by our daily environment and unresolved past experiences arise and feel as if they are existing as part of the present tense. The past emotions will add into the sensations of the present tense feelings to make them feel like a bigger reaction or negativity than they actually are. For most they are unaware of this concept and simply react to the combinations believing it is true to the moment at hand.

It is unknown why some repressed emotions are stimulated and not others. There is an association the two experiences had together. For example, maybe the presidential candidates had an expression of anger in their messages as they were trying to push their messages through that paired with the bluntness of Junior High. The mind works in mysterious ways. The real question is, “Why does the mind and ego do this?”

The mind is not trying to manipulate us in being more fearful, angry etc… but it is a process of bringing up the repressed memories as stimulus for us to remember in the intention so we will finally address them. Every memory the body holds as unresolved has a certain density to it. We hold memories of anger, abuse, sadness and a variety of repressed emotions inside of our cellular memory to influence the functioning of cellular structures. Each thing we hold in these significances is a working energetic memory in resistance to a healthy, expansive body. The body’s infinite perspective is designed to have an easy flow of life throughout its cells.

The body brings up our repressed memories as a way to show us we need to deal with them as it would prefer to have a lighter experience. Just like the experience I had with the fear, my body felt a weight lift when I resolved it. My body feels happier and I perceive a slightly new expansion inside. The cells within the body function easier so living in a often stressful and toxic environment of Western Cultures is easier. We are less of an affect of the various stimulus’ around us because there is something easier occurring inside our cellular structures.

The other option is to react and react again to our emotions. Each time we do it we only recreate the limitation again in some way instead of asking, “Is this feeling I am having really about the present moment?” By asking our body we begin the process of detachment and unraveling of our issues.

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