Body Consciousness In Business

Body Consciousness In Business

body Consciousness

By Bart Sharp

All of our creations, lifeforms are an integral aspect of body consciousness in the path of our emotional transformation. The energetic embodiment of the leaders of a high tech business affect the success or failure of a company in their body consciousness.

I was consulting with the client who does marketing support for a hike tech company. They were marketing a program where it was expected on thousand new applicants to sign up by the end of the summer. By midsummer they had only one commitment. Naturally everyone was afraid in the company. Yet it made no logical sense why no one was joining in to buy.

As a psychic, I was asked to give an energetic analysis of the situation. It felt as if the companies CEO was highly charismatic and people liked to follow him. He seemed to have a high energy in the crown chakra area where idealism prevails. That only made sense because the product they were selling was one of higher ideas and innovative. It seemed like they should be getting people to buy. However, it was not happening.

We looked at the next aspect of the company, the vice presidents. Here it felt like there was a belief of failure was imminent. People were losing their faith in the high idea. It seemed like the core emotion of the group was shame, which in this situation was the unconscious belief they do not deserve success. This created a doubt in the collective consciousness of the group, they did not believe they could manifest receiving the one thousand clients. This unconsciously went out as a message to all of those who were interested in the program. Logically it may look good but intuitively there was something about it the potential clients did not trust. They were unconsciously picking up the doubt the vice presidents were exuding.

What was needed for the company was someone, who had a power to transfer belief into results. To unconsciously/energetically convey “We deserve this!” A leader who would set the belief in motion and move this energy to others such as the vice presidents. It would take someone who innately functioned deep within their second chakra who could act from this place. This leader would do what it would take to make it happen. Failure would not be a part of their equation because their beliefs they deserve would be so strong. This power would be spread forth in the company more so than the vice president’s shame-based fears.

The weakness here comes from two obvious places, the CEO functions exclusively from higher ideas and the brilliance of his mind. He does not possess this power of the second chakra which so many successful leaders have. It is a power within them that expects and demands success from themselves, their team, and their product. If this person was in place it would probably raise the vibration of the company so the vice presidents would not fall into their unconscious shame-based fears. This entire package would be conveyed to the potential clients; they would feel it and trust it.

There is something so basic about second chakra energy, it represents our innate being to become powerful, have money, have sexual energy, have creative ideas and be strong in vitality. Most great leaders are strong in their second chakra in some way/s. For this company to thrive, they would need their leader to change or hire someone who has a dynamic second chakra energy. They would embody the expectation of success, no matter what it takes.

Looking at the dynamic leaders in business and politics; you will see strong second chakra people. Whether it be Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Bill Gates they all possess this consciousness of power of body consciousness, it is intrinsically inside them and they have had it all their lives. It is naturally them and they are natural leaders as the second chakra is an integral part.

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