Body Consciousness, Guidelines For Energy Workers, Part Two

As a practitioner of Body Consciousness and Shamanism, over the year years I found some principles of emotional based and common sense integrity I create my practice from. Below are those concepts.

Allow everyone to have their own process. Make it a conscious meditation to see into everyone’s point of view that you interact with. When listening to another do not make references to your own experiences, instead listen with such intensity that you see deeper into their world. If we listen to with our hearts, no judgments, full presence we see a bigger range of another person’s reality. A greater compassion shows up instead.

When I start trying to figure out what I want to say while listening. I am not really listening. Heartfelt listening means I am totally present with what they are saying in my thoughts do not go back to me. When I am trying to impress or prove a point I am not listening from my heart. Most likely I am debating, competing or manipulating.

Heartfelt listening gives the person speaking support. Our presence is being fully concerned for what they are saying. It creates a safe place for the person to express themselves and usually they can go deeper then into their process that way. I literally feel my defenses go down and my heart open up when I am in this process. I confess this is not easy to do but is very powerful. When I do speak is usually a comment that comes from my heart, a higher caring and a lot less from my intellect.

What is within us are issues, our limitations is transferred to our client. It is commonly why we attract clients that may be just a little bit below our own vibration. The clearer we become in our own emotional and spiritual evolution the less we transfer our limitations to our clients. They transform in more profound ways. If you wish to work with more evolved clients or more challenging clients work on yourself 1st. It will attract the people that you are ready for.

The hero’s journey. If we wish to evolve the hero’s journey is something we must take. For some they take many stages of the hero’s journey. This journey can be done in many ways. As healers it may be the intense journey of healing ourselves. The deeper we go the more a hero becomes us. So using our tools to take us to the far ends of our own reality, the world beyond us and the secret world within us maybe our hero’s journey. It could be that we learn a tool so well that we become a master of it. Most of us do not know when we have completed the journey until it is complete. Be fearless in taking yourself as far as you can go with your modality. It builds something in us that makes us special.

Favorite examples of those is taking the hero’s journey are:

Joseph Campbell professor and a small college who quietly humbly studied the mythology of ancient cultures. His passage into the hero’s realm came when he was finally recognized by the world for his excellent years of work and then published and recorded extensively in his last years of life. Although he never earned riches his gift was shared to many.

Neil Young, musician who for the past 45 years has recorded a variety of musicals styles. Always following his inner fascination as opposed to what he thought others wanted from him. Being true to his own inner spirit has inspired others to create in the same style that Neil has perfected.

Alice Miller, therapist and author wrote the groundbreaking book, “ Drama Of The Gifted Child” this groundbreaking book taught therapist and self help book authors important concepts of how a child conceptualizes traumatic childhood. Miller wrote from personal experience from her own childhood and from client experiences. She is someone who trusted her own perceptions to the degree that she could write a ground breaking book with less of a scientific approach but an experiential opinion.

Carl Jung, psychologist and author. Carl pioneered the concept of our unconscious, shadow–side. Before he could become the expert he spent years going into self hypnotic trances to know his own shadow personas. Through this transformation Carl evolved to a higher state of being and created concepts, information and tools for therapist and client’s to change their own shadow–side. At the time Jung did not know what he was doing, no one had ever explored such a concept, he simply made he had to do it. Today Jung’s work is still fresh and useful. In

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