Body Consciousness: Grandiosity & Disempowerment

Body Consciousness: Grandiosity & Disempowerment
body consciousness
By Bart Sharp

In Body Consciousness grandiosity can be one of our worst inhibitors of creating an amazing life. A woman told me she had plans to be a world-wide healer through the internet; her message was too important to only be a small business. The question I asked myself, “Was her vibration matching someone who could reach a world wide audience?” The answer was no.

The woman dreamed she could be of such power but did not possess the skill set or the level of consciousness that could attract thousands of subscribers. She was living in a state of grandiosity, believing she was bigger than she actually was. What grandiosity is attempting to conquer is shame, to accomplish such a grand dream in order to show to ourselves and others we were really not that small at all. The belief of shame is rarely resolved through accomplishments and because we are trying to become something we are not; the universal energy of life supports us less. If we embrace the shame and resolve the feelings of inadequacy we can began using the emotions as a power. What power does shame have? Creativity, great ideals and inspirations come from shamed based people once they look their fears in the face. Eventually they can manifest those dreams the more the deep levels of shame are resolved.

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