Body Consciousness, Are You Joy?

Body Consciousness, Are You Joy?


By Bart Sharp
In body consciousness, a limiting perspective so many people choose to believe something outside of them will bring them joy. It is not joy people seek with this perspective but happiness. Happiness is fulfilled from an outside stimulus or by doing something satisfying. In a way it is a superficial application of joy. How many have asked, “Am I there yet?” If you actualize joy, the question will never arise.

The richest country in the world can have the biggest feeling of lack of wealth because they have defined money as the vehicle to create their fulfillment. They misidentified an important concept, the money is simply an outcome of living in a prosperous land and they still have the journey to find their own identity within that is separate from money. Money can be part of the expression we invent our money from but it is not the sole reason we create. It is more of an inner discovery of us and through self growth through accomplishments we develop the body consciousness of inner joy. Then money and happiness will have a different experience.

People choose various definitions of what is happiness through their relationships with, love, recreation, possessions, relaxation, sex, music, eating, art, experiences and much more. The limitation of these perspectives is people are misidentifying a source outside of them can make them feel complete. They are seeking happiness and generally come to a conclusion of temporary fulfillment as happiness is a momentary state of being, body consciousness. It is being supplanted by a substance, possession or activity.

Essentially we are seeking something longer-lasting, with a path to fulfillment. A word that describes these concepts is joy. Joy comes from the internal, a place where we are full within. The creation of inner joy and can begin in the earliest years being confirmed by our parents. I use the word confirmed because as an infant we are already inan awareness of joy and love. A child usually loses this because the parents do not realize, acknowledge or receive this great gift the infant has of offer them therefore the child creates separation from their inner joy. At some point in an infant or child’s life they begin to lose touch with their inner light of love they came into the world with, it appears to be a natural process as most everyone loses this magic at a point in their life.

For most of us finding joy again as an adult is a process, to find a place with in that we can create fulfillment in our body consciousness. Some would say it is a higher path. The creation of this inner fulfillment can be from an outside source but ultimately it has to fill us up inside. It becomes our source of feeling whole and good about us.

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