Body Consciousness And Knowing Our Path

Body Consciousness And Knowing Our Path

By Bart Sharp

I was listening to a young woman today who felt bad about her self because she had not found her life path. She did not have a profession where she was making a comfortable income like many of her friends. Instead, she had many talents and was quite busy creating a variety of projects while working at a menial job. The whole source of her judgment came from comparison of herself to others, “Why am I not making the same kind of money and have a profession like my friends?”

So many people today are looking for their destiny in a job and asking the question, “What am I meant to do?”

It may not be the most expansive question, instead something like, “What makes me excited to do?” maybe more on point. We should follow our bliss not our brain when it comes to finding deep satisfaction in work and hobbies. If we do it and we become more alive, energized it is a good sign for us to follow it. It may not be the way we make our livelihood but when we have the self-fulfilled ingredient in our lives our body consciousness expands and we are happier.

I knew the teacher who went from the feelings of imprisonment when she went to work to satisfaction because she found making art during her evenings fulfilled the missing ingredient in her body consciousness. When she made art regularly the work as a teacher had a new identity and it became easier because was finally getting her needs met to have a regular creative expression. She misidentified teaching as a highly creative job. It wasn’t her creative outlet anymore so relationship with it changed. As a result she was much happier.

So when we look at what we would like to do in life we may want to ask the question, “What makes me happy? Relationships, inner creativity, connection with people, respect, appreciation, romance, spirituality or something else.”

When we get clear about what we really like to create in our life then we can see if it is a profession, relationship, creative endeavor will fulfill it. Some people are lucky enough they can achieve this through their work while others are just fine with it as another part of your life. When we are clear it is our path to greater emotional transformation we can then focus our energy in that direction.

We have to remember life and professions are a journey and it may change. When we become a master artist it may lead us down a spiritual path and all we want to do is pray to God or finding a higher love with another person. What we have to do is live fully in the moment and what we’re doing now, the path we have chosen where it will take us. If we make a twenty year plan on how we should live our life we maybe setting ourselves up for a depressing life. It is natural to change as we mature into more complete adults and it may mean our work desires may take new directions.

In the words of Bill Clinton, the average American will change professions four times in their lifetime therefore we need to be on the path of education so we will be prepared for the changes the job market demands of us. We may think of this as an economical concept but it also runs parallel with society in general. Our consciousness is changing rapidly and we need to pay attention to where it takes us. The woman who was frustrated because she had not found her path exactly like many people need not fret, they do not know what to do right now. If we can allow ourselves to not know our higher, body consciousness will more likely show us what to do next. Keep asking and you will find a direction.

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