Body Consciousness and Emotional Transformation

Body Consciousness and Emotional Transformation

Body Consciousness
Bt Bart Sharp

Do you know what the sensation of guilt feels like?
Or the sensation your body experiences when you feel doubt?
Do you know the difference between the sensations of anger and rage and where they are most commonly found in your body?

How can you deeply know what abundance feels like if you cannot feel all sensations that this reality.
How can you receive life fully if you cannot be in touch with what fulfills you?
Emotional Transformation and abundance is being in touch with as much as you can. Then directing your abilities to create your life.
Every place that you are blocked by judgments such as guilt, anger, trauma, superiority, shame you are not receiving in that area of your life. Inner wealth is emotional transformation by coming to terms with those limited places, knowing them, embracing them as a part of you and then transforming our fears, prejudices and judgments to a integrated part of us.
A power builds from that that allow creating and manifesting to come easier than it has ever before.

If we wish to break through it is a process of breaking down what our mind has created. It only did it to defend us from our fears.
Greater Consciousness Through Emotional Transformation.

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