Being The Space Of The Heart

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Being The Space Of The Heart

By Bart Sharp

Being in the space of our heart’s consciousness can best be identified as visceral sensation. We feel something expand in us, become lighter and feel more whole. For example when we connect with somebody or see an inspiring movie, suddenly life becomes bigger than our own mind. Our vibration feels like it is raised,

however it is not the hearts vibration that is raised but instead, we are in deeper connection to something that is more infinite than our mind.

In my journey in unlocking a more intimate awareness of this organ that seems to have an infinite consciousness, I first began with mantra meditations. Repeating simple phrases like “Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me.” “In praise of Christ.” Or “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.”

The heart space of a spiritual master like Ammachi is connected with the infinite heart space, a space of pure light that has no boundaries. She has tapped into the infinity in such a way that she continually interacts with others from that perspective. As people evolve in the heart space it becomes an ongoing vibration that feels like a small universe inside a regular size chest.

Being in your own awareness of your heart space is an inner practice, yet one to be shared with others. When our intentions are to speak and act from the heart, something more unconditional comes out of us, but as soon as we start thinking, trying to prove our point or judging we disconnect from that more infinite perspective.

There are many levels of heart-space awareness, below are a few examples:

*We may begin by saying a heart opening prayer but maybe feel nothing change inside.

*At a higher level we may feel a visceral vibration inside of us, of a light emanating within the heart chakra.

*As we develop this muscle of awareness, we may visualize light coming out of our heart shining out to others, subtly affecting the surroundings.

*At the most evolved levels, an expanded heart space opens people to the opportunity of perceiving something much greater within themselves, a quite luminescent feeling. During those high vibration experiences, people may make choices to change their lives in very profound ways.

The heart’s journey is one of connecting and expanding with everyone. Where will your journey take you?

Bart Sharp is an intuitive counselor, healer and author specializing in transformation of traumatic and emotional based limitations.
Greater Consciousness Through Emotional Transformation
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