Being The Space of Body Consciousness

Being The Space of Body Consciousness
body consciousness
By Bart Sharp

A popular and fascinating term these days is “Being The Space.” What it means is being aware of the inner world inside your body consciousness. Being the space has many levels of development.

I first began learning about the space by communing with nature, as I perceived the energies of trees I felt something expansive open inside of me, my body consciousness. What was that strange, wonderful sensation? I was just becoming aware of what my body does naturally, being the energies of everything around it.

Our body communes with the energies, consciousness of its surroundings without us really knowing it. It is our lesson to learn how to bring our focus on more higher, evolved perception. For me, being in tune with nature around me opened something that felt more infinite inside. By practicing this awareness for a while I did not need to be in the woods to embody the expanded consciousness. I was disciplining my body to be it. It became an ongoing intention to stay more expanded like nature and not contract into the regular, denser energies of urban living.

It was still a really cool place to be and soon I found I could perceive energies within other human bodies. For example, standing in line at the grocery store the man in front of me may feel very dense while his young 3-year-old daughter with him is lighter than fairy dust. The older woman in front of the couple seems to have the serenity in her heart from all the years of living a sincere, happy life.

On a visit to see the famous, enlightened woman Ammachi, I dared to perceive into her body. I went into a meditation and brought my attention to her heart as she was working about 40 feet from me giving hugs or blessings to those waiting in line. It was quite easy to enter into her world. As I looked at her heart all I could see was light and in the far, far distance was the light source similar to a dimly lit sun. It felt wonderful to be in Amma’s world but I wanted to see what the distance light was like so I brought my attention to travel to the light. It was quite easy as there seemed to be no resistance in her world. This was uncommon because most everyone has some form of energy that pushes out. This outward force is a representation of their fear or shame-based energies yet to be resolved.

I sailed easily to the distant light for several minutes but made no progress to my destination. So I thought let’s go warp speed and my intention bolted forward yet in another few minutes I found I had made no headway. Then I got it. Of course, I was in the reality of someone infinite. I could travel forever and still be in the same place. Infinite means no time and space.

Now I knew what “Being The Space” could possibly be. It has been my benchmark as I expand space in my body, particularly my heart. It is a path of losing my resistance to fear, shame, anger and other limiting emotions while creating more lightness in my heart. It is the journey of being; the light of self-love, the light of God consciousness and the light of loving others. To live as the consciousness of space we have to know and be the space.

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