Being Joy In Body Consciousness

Being Joy In Body Consciousness

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By Bart Sharp

Joy is when everything in our life feels complete and whole in our Body Consciousness. It is different than happiness as it is more about doing something that feels satisfying whereas joy is something internal. As an infant or child, we intrinsically know joy because we enter this world as whole and complete beings.

It is through the challenges of living in a limited world we lose the self-image we are joyful inside. Think of a child waking up every day and excited about what great adventures they will have. It seems to be intrinsically in the spirit children live from, this dynamic perspective also known as joy.

As adults we seek joy in a variety of levels. It may be through accomplishments in the belief that when we achieve them we will experience joy. Even the love through relationships may appear to be joy however it is something created solely within us. A relationship or accomplishment cannot give us a permanent sense of joy. Meditation or prayer can often be so fulfilling people feel a wholeness inside however joy most often is temporary as when they separate from the higher vibration their sense of joy is lost.

To develop a long-term feeling of joy we need to address the things that separated us from joy in our infancy or childhood. To go into the emotional realities that gave us pain and disappointments. This is intense work of exploring a myriad of life experiences where we experienced negative events to find resolution. When we are able to resolve those issues at the levels we feel a deep sense of accomplishment within us. Something that opens us to a sense of inner gratitude for us and we feel connected as a whole to all of life around us. At an intrinsic level we feel less separation between ourselves and others. The deeper we can go with our emotional transformation we can connect to joy.

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