Bed And Body Consciousness

Bed And Body Consciousness
By Bart Sharp

What is held in our bed reflects and affects our body consciousness. We generally spend one third of our life in a bed and for most they sleep in the same bed night after night. There is an intimate connection with our beds because as we dream we are processing issues while we sleep. The energies of our thoughts and dreams emanate out of us that goes out into the bedroom and into the bed. Just as the nights that we cannot sleep as we are processing issues are absorbed into the bed as well to later affect our body consciousness. The bed absorbs these energies in a way is an intimate part of us. What we are processing during our waking time is held in our bed.

I was asked to perform an energetic clearing of a woman’s home who had recently broke up with her partner. In the process of the breakup she slept in the living room and he slept in the bedroom. When I entered into the bedroom a huge wave of energy hit me. I asked her. ” How angry was he during the last weeks that you look together?”

Her response was, “extremely” night after night the man must have been festering his anger as he slept or likely tried to sleep. The entire home felt uncomfortable in the whole but the bed was the center piece.

Rule one is, energy is energy, and any energy can be changed. After a few minutes of doing energetic clearings of the projections of anger the man was feeling the entire bed, bedroom and home changed. The man’s anger must have been intense and dominated the household while the woman’s fear of his anger contributed to the dynamics.

It is good to acknowledge and honor our beds for what they do for us and what they energetically hold. If we have an intense parts of our life consider using an energetic clearing or performing a small ceremony with our bed acknowledging it does not have to hold what we experienced. If we have resolved the challenging time and it still feels difficult to have a good rest this may be especially true.

We could even honor our bed by recognizing the bed as a sacred place, to rest and release what we are processing. The more we are conscious in distinguishing what our bed does we bring life to what we consider an inanimate object, it actually serves us, much like a home, computer or automobile does. We can create a more conscious personal environment by asking it to be so, acknowledging what our home is for us. Expressing appreciation is powerful.
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