Becoming Infinite, Where To begin? Excerpts from, “Body Consciousness”


Becoming Infinite, Where To begin?

By Bart Sharp
Excerpts from, “Body Consciousness”

How do we facilitate the process of infinite in our life and body consciousness? It is quite a challenging concept in becoming infinite. First, there is likely no one on the planet functioning as a true infinite being. We are all limited beginning from the perspective our body is a fragile and could perish under a variety of circumstances. Second, the potential of living as an infinite conscious being is more likely. There is an awareness inside having the ability to perceive everything in our environment, in others and the world. There are some amazing people demonstrating abilities to signify the pathway to being more infinite are abilities we all have.

What is way in getting to a more infinite awareness? Where do we start? Where is the easiest place to get in with our expanded abilities and in the direction of being more infinite?

There are two answers. First, we need to pay attention to our body, it may direct us to begin connecting to or second chakra and sexual energy or meditate with the third eye. What is the most easiest place for us to perceive the inner sensations of our body?

Secondly, the place most likely is the easiest to perceive the visceral sensation of how expanded we are is the heart or heart chakra. I make this distinction because the sensations people usually detect is in the center of the chest and the physical location of the heart is off center. Still, the physical heart functions differently than the rest of the cells of the body as it has a different cellular structure.

The role of the heart (including heart chakra) is to connect to other lifeforms in the world, especially the human ones.The heart connects to everyone on the planet at some level, there are seven billion humans and one heart. Somewhere in our heart knowing we are interacting with everyone. If we enter a restaurant our heart has exchanged massive amounts of information with everyone in the room. The heart chakra role is of master connector, remembering we are all one, all energies are one. It is something like a tree, living in a consciousness of perceiving the energies of molecules in its environment to receive information about the forest around them, extending around the world. Think of everyone on the planet as a unified organism, the heart is our pathway to knowing the consciousness of something so extraordinary.

The heart seems to connect to a greater space more easily because it is connected outside of the body to a much bigger space. Who knows how far our it goes. Using muscle testing, I have asked how far does the consciousness of my heart extend out to and the answer is: As big as all of the places I exist in the universe. Basically, an infinite concept.

If we could see what as infinite perspective of what we all possess would be a perception of light, energetically the heart chakra is space of the lightest form of energy without a constraint of time and space. Oneness, a perception all is perfection inside of us. What is the energetic space of your heart consciousness?

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