Aspects Of The Shadow, Body Consciousness

Aspects Of The Shadow, Body Consciousness

day of dead

By Bart Sharp

Some ideals of what is our shadow and how the shadow evolves in our emotional transformation in the perspective of body consciousness.

*An evolution of the shadow occurs inside and is revered as necessary. 

*The person no longer is reactionary to emotions and their blockages. 

*The emotional messages of the limitations appear; the person listens in more of a detached point of view. They may take action to an emotion such as fear; they are functioning from solely a present tense and not manipulated by past tense memories of fears. 

*The shadow is no longer the part of themselves they work against but instead, a messenger, a part of self, respected but the individual knows its place. 

*The evolved person knows the difference between a valid emotion to be dealt with directly or an emotion arising like an old recording, to be heard and then put aside as the story has already been resolved.

*Through the evolution of our limitations we change, yet so much of us is the same. We see a big limitation and the persona we once played in reaction to it, as an ally. It evolves to become an empowering presence. The light and the shadow are more integrated.

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