Anger And Our Shadow, Body Consciousness

Anger And Our Shadow, Body Consciousness

By Bart Sharp

body consciousness
If our thoughts are dark, in a state of anger much of the time, it is the perfect situation to ask our body or body consciousness “What does our darkness feel like in our body memory? Where do we hold the body conscious memory of particular shadows? In our gut? Liver? Heart? Spleen? What are the emotional themes? What are the stories we fear the most?”

Somewhere inside, we physically store those limiting emotions away. When we address them in body memory, we go deeper. More importantly, when we are able to perceive what the shadow of us is really about and truly looks like, we find there was nothing to be scared of or avoided. In almost all cases, it was simply the fears we create about the shadow to make it look scary. 

In time, we may eventually see how our limitations are gifts to teach us. So a trip into the lower cycles of our shame, fear or sadness is not a bad thing; we are directed there to develop and learn a lesson we are ready for. When we resolve what we are guided to address, we can soar higher into our dreams and inspirations. The weight of the shadowy limitations no longer weighs us down. It is still there in some way, but not as a force working against us. 

A person who has much repressed anger may eventually learn why they have anger, how it was created and what its defects are. The next step after resolving some of their anger is they will then begin to grow with their new form of self. If the anger is repressed and judged as negative, it will arise again and again at the most inopportune times. If we know our anger, we will have more choice in how to use it. 

More importantly, when we are evolved and comfortable with anger, we convert the energy of anger into a power to create things such as being an advocate, passionate about living, raising a family with a strong identity, working on changing something in the community and more. The anger begins to take on a new clarity. We can still express anger but in choice, to generate change, not to destroy, hurt or humiliate. 

A truly evolved person’s aura does not change when they are angry. Why? They use anger solely as a tool to take an action. When the change is complete they are not affected by the emotion because they are not functioning from any past tense experience of anger; they are totally in the present moment doing only what the situation has required of them.

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