Alternative Healing For Anger

IMG_3079“Alternative Healing For Anger”

By Bart Sharp

One of the greatest destructive forces on this planet is something that is occurring inside almost of us is suppressed anger. Suppressed anger stops you from accessing the energy, power of you and your progress in emotional transformation. Another perspective to the cognitive approach of anger management this article explores the energy dynamics of the body and how it holds anger in us for years.

Suppressed anger can be a debilitating force in out lives. When we decide not to allow or be present with our anger we contain it inside us by creating a defensive position to the undesired emotion. “That was horrible, I do not want any of that in my life!” The avoidance or judgment that it is bad or wrong is the beginning of creating a defensive barrier to make sure that the circumstance does not happen again. Unfortunately it encapsulates the energetic memory so it cannot leave on its on accord.

We perpetuate that suppressed energy by feeding it more energy/anger in a variety of manifestations such as: resentments, depression, control, worry, guilt, expression of anger and more. It addition these concealed energies are the source for much of our aliments, pains, sickness, depression and addictions in our body. It is an energetic maze of suppressed memories. How much more energy you would have for you if you were not consciously and unconsciously struggling against the anger within you?

Our present day-to-day anger feeds the old suppressed anger that is underneath our current traumas. If you have ever thought that your resentments, mistrusting thoughts or fears seem to have a mind of their own like they pop up without any reason. There is some truth to it. Our oldest wounds are still hidden (repressed) within us and they thrive by unconsciously stimulating us to recreate a dilemma that feeds our older anger. The payoff for these old wounds is that they energetically stay alive by feeding off our present day angers.

For example, a person may have been severely punished by their overly critical mother during their childhood. As an adult they may harbor huge resentments to their mother yet they may say something like, “I have dealt with those issues. I have explored hours on end of the history of how my mother hurt me. I am at peace with it.” Yet in their life they may be slightly depressed, have outburst of anger that is hurtful to others and/or mistrusting of others. They are generally fine but become triggered to some of the above behaviors from time to time.

The issues have been explored intellectually but have not addressed the body’s memory of the experience. If we can relive a part of the experience then feel it in our body we begin to get in touch with our body’s awareness. Most of us have avoided this all of our lives because we thought that feeling this intensity in us would bring back the pain. It is quite the opposite we begin a process of really letting it go. It also teaches how to be present with anger. An very important aspect to reliving the anger is not to judge it, allow the experience of it be in you nurturing that part of you that is still in the trauma of the past.

When we break down suppressed anger to its most basic/primal level we see that it is only energy. In my Access Consciousness classes “Knowing Your Anger, Claiming Your Potency” or in private sessions we open the wounds and allow us to be present with the energies of our suppressed angers. It is an exploration in a gentle, vulnerable way and using energy clearings of Access Consciousness the anger leaves permanently and huge shifts of emotional transformation occur.

What happens when our deepest suppressed anger is gone? A weight is lifted and many of us experience a lightness that we have never known before. Awareness that has been blocked by the anger shows up in our lives in ways such as: intuitive or psychic abilities, creativity, joy, inner serenity and more energy. We become more of the embodiment of emotional transformation. Receiving is easier than ever before as suppressed anger cuts out so much of what we can have in life.

Bart Sharp is an Access Learning Facilitator from Austin, TX. Through the years Bart has worked on variety of issues with individuals and groups. Bart likes the Access tools as they release people’s limitations quickly and permanently. Many people feel a visceral release of the limitations during the session.


Bart Sharp offers an alternative healing approach to releasing anger with the tools of Access Consciousness. Anger is energy and its real purpose is to create change. Most view it as a destructive force that should be avoided. When we do avoid or suppress anger it stays in our body to be a resistant to us until we look at how we have hidden it away in us. When repressed for an extended time anger can be the source for illness, depression, anxiety, and a variety of other undesirable symptoms and behaviors.

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