Advocacy in 2017 Body Consciousness POV

Advocacy in 2017 Body Consciousness POV
body consciousness
By Bart Sharp

In Body Consciousness,Being an advocate for change in 2017 requires us to to not only express what we wish change for but to embody it as well. If we wish for a planet that is healthy and people to change in how we take care of or misuse it we reflect it back in our own lives as part of the process.

Where are we not living in a higher state of being?
We are one part of a great microcosm and what we reflect out makes a difference to others. The more we embody a greater power within what we express has a bigger impact in the world.
If we look at great leaders of the world, for example, The Dalai Lama; he is but one person yet his words are embraced by millions. It is not the position he holds but the vibration of his message we pay attention to.

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