A Simple But Profound Tool For Empowerment


A Simple But Profound Tool For Empowerment

By Bart Sharp

I recently had a dream I was speaking at the Graduation Ceremony at Westlake High School. I was invited at the last moment and as was walking into the auditorium in a tie-dye t-shirt when I realized I had not planned a topic.

Unfazed I asked, “What topic can I present to best serve this group?”

In my next step to the podium I knew, “The power of living your life in the question.”

It was the best gift I could give to any person going out into the world, a tool to use in solving any problem of their life. Below are some ideals how using questions are applied.

In Access Consciousness, asking questions is the most basic tool for empowerment as it opens our perspective to other possibilities. I like to think of the question as a way to open up a new view-point beyond the mind. It is simple in concept yet the applications are immense.

Where we generally have an open mind, curiosity and relaxed in open space of change, we are likely we are likely living that place of our “life in the question” or in the spirit of it. If we ask a question it directs the power of us and beyond to fulfill the request.

If it is a place of hardship, “What question are you unable to find or ask to guide you out of the challenging situation?” Questions open our awareness to seeing life differently. We have the solution already inside us. The pushing, linear mind has yet to see it. A question opens our greater self and the non-linear self contributes. Then a thought drifts up more creative and just right for a stressful situation.

Even confronted with a simple problem such as attempting to turn on a stereo but not knowing the right switch, ask, “What am I not getting about this?” This situation was me many years ago at a school I taught at. A moment after asking a student walked by, assessed my dilemma, pointed at a button and once flipped the stereo worked fine. Funny, he was deaf and diagnosed with slight mental retardation.

I am currently recovering from my knee slightly dislocating, the second time in three months. I have asked several times, “What is my lesson here?” Finally, the information, stop doing illness alone, get out of your healing cave, let others help and tend to you. Recovery is coming along dramatically faster as a nice man came over and removed a very odd implant. I continue to ask, sometimes amazing synchronicities occur.

A business person can have a solid business plan yet they seek a perspective to set them apart from the crowd. They wish to have something fresh. A person staying in the perspective of asking questions while they seek a plan will always have more creativity in their brainstorming. When we choose to create through questions instead of “think only” we open the intuitive side to the process. “What can I create to make this project more attracting? Or What are people looking for I am missing?”

In the process of writing an article I become stuck, unable to find the right word or concept. I ask a question “What’s the right word here?” and in a matter of moments it all comes clear. I relax, ask and not push anything to happen. It all comes to me.

Going back to the dream, I can imagine a group of young graduates walking out of the ceremony inspired to live life in a question of possibilities. Each teen knowing a big world of possibilities is out there and now they have an inner compass to help discern and attract what adventures, education, loves in life most empowering for them. We build one dream at a time and when we use questions opening us to seeing our dreams from a bigger perspective life can be s much more fun.

When we ask we know.

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