8 Principles Of This Reality/ Stuart Wilde

Eight Principles Of This Reality

stuart wilde
stuart wilde

From Stuart Wilde’s “Infinite Self”

1. We have to embrace infinity inside a mortal body.

2. We have to learn to love in a dimension where there is so much hatred.

3. We have to see abundance when people constantly talk of shortages and lack.

4. We have to discover freedom where control is the state religion.

5. We have to develop self worth while people criticize and belittle us.

6. We have to see beauty where there is ugliness.

7. We have to embrace positive attitudes and kindness when surrounded by uncertainty.

8. We have to feel safe in spite of all our concerns.

When I read these principles by the late Stuart Wilde I am reminded that all of the answers are always within me first and foremost. I look for this reality for information but I have to remember that the greater truths of knowledge began in my own love held within me. When I am centered in such a strength I can interact with the limitations of the society around me in more detachment and self-power. It does not mean that I win every battle but I have serenity where I go and it manifests my life dreams to me through the sluggish waters that everyone else is in fear of drowning in. Every day means being centered in my own love.
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