Body Consciousness, Guidelines For Energy Workers, Part One


Body Consciousness, Guidelines For Energy Workers, Part One

As a practitioner of Body Consciousness and Shamanism, over the year years I found some principles of emotional based and common sense integrity I create my practice from. Below are those concepts.

Bart Sharp

Do not judge our clients. It is the primary rule That you never judge your clients before, during and after the session. When you judge another person whether you say or do anything in reaction to it the other person will pick it up at some level. It is a strong unconscious message. Of course, if there is a judgment you make all too often our unconsciousness will come out and we will say something as a mistake that exposes our judgment.

Even if it is a judgment as a reaction to something such as an extreme trauma that they had experienced. We reinforce the dramatic experience. Often these people respect the healer and what they have to say so if we agree to the trauma or knowledge how bad it was, it acknowledges to the patient the severity. It opens the door to making the trauma even harder to let go of because you made significant. Being non judging with the client creates a place to heal, safety.

Some people say that we have less holy people in this world today. True we may have less clergy but the amount of people committed to living highly spiritual lives is growing more than ever before. In these days holy people go beyond the religious community to include therapist, light workers, Shamen, energetic healers and people committed to a more conscious life. They come from all walks of life.

We as healers, energy workers can be those holy people if we choose to live that life. It may not have a religious bent with protocol that worships a God. It can be an inward journey of self knowing and exploration into our energetic healing discipline. In so many forms is a path to God.

The aspect that I believe is important to address is the inward journey of knowing ourselves. The energetic tools that we use for healing are more powerful the more our insides, unconscious self is healed. It parallels our growth as healers. If you wish to become more powerful in your modality work on your own personal, emotional issues. Better yet use the healing modality that you practice to heal yourself.

Author and therapist, Alice Miller says that all therapist go into therapy because they have emotional deflects them wish to be free of them. Through working through their limitations and become skilled and authentic in their work. The healer healing themselves as they heal others is a natural part of the process. We all do it. Therefore we should not hide it as an ashamed part of us, but acknowledge it to ourselves and live with that vulnerability. Our vulnerability is one of our biggest powers has an energy worker or therapist.

Never expect feedback from your clients. We all will validation as healers that we did a good job but we should never seek it there where clients. If we ask our clients it shows our insecurity. Our confidence in our work creates the belief for the client to feel secure in the session and therefore allow the healing to grow. Wanting validation from this client constricts the natural process of healing. In my experience, evidence of the success of my work always comes in some way or form. Clients may later tell me how awesome it was or feedback comes in other ways. If I want feedback I ask a friend or a fellow professional.

Confidence not grandiosity. Be humble in your work. Examine your doubts and shame and face them full on. If we do not look at her fears of shame we can often be seduced to the position of superiority over others which creates a grandiose perception of ourselves. Avoid comparing yourself or your work to others as a way to validate yourself or your work. It is a cheap way to measure yourself. The best way to evaluate yourself is by such questions as: ” Was I fully present with this person?” “What did the energy of the session feel like?” Also trust what you do with the person. If we belief that we did the best job that we possibly could be most likely did. To compare and judge her performance is looking to make ourselves bigger than our actual performance as a way to build ourselves up. This only diminishes our work because we look for validation outside of her selves instead of within us. Validation and honor of ourselves is a gift we give to ourselves, not seek it outside of us through our performance and others approval. When we do this and most likely are trying to cover a shamed part of us by making us feel bigger than we actually are, grandiosity. Heal the shame and the grandiosity has no need to exist. Humility becomes easy and an inner power for us.

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