The Magic Of Attracting An Epiphany

The Magic Of Attracting An Epiphany

From the book “Magic Speaks”

When we are looking for an answer, or maybe a big change to occur in our lives the first thing to do is keep the focus on us. We maybe stimulated by outside sources but ultimately we will know the big answers come from messages through places like our gut or heart. We can stimulate it by asking questions such as, “What am I ready to learn here that I am not getting?” Or. “What am I ready to step into next?”

We go about our day with a calm focus and without too much external stimulus. To have a big jump in our growth or information of new directional change we have to set the conditions up and then make time to be with ourselves.

Higher ideals and consciousness sometimes need to percolate and then they appear in unexpected times and places. When they do either by a thought, something we see or hear that stimulates the epiphany to surface, a positive sensation will instantly expand inside us. We will be energized and excited by the thought of this new concept. Our body and/or heart will sing in excitement, we will know it is a strong message and it is best to take some kind of action on it as soon as possible.

Magic Speaks
Becoming A Magical In A Modern Magical World

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